Master program

one-year master’s program

This full scholarship program will be a 12-month in-person master program at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand. This long-term capacity development program aims activists who are at risk and would need more time away from the country. During this study, they will have an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge internationally as well as network with other students and scholars.

Furthermore, students will also be linked to the “Scholars At Risk” Network to find best support for the next steps and become involved in the network through the “Canada-Myanmar Scholarship”. Students will also have an opportunity to share ethical research briefs in the GenderLab website.


January 2023 Intake

Sara has closely worked with CSOs based in Karenni State for different community development projects. She also contributed to advocacy works for women’s rights and livelihood system engagement with respective local authority groups in Myanmar.  She is deeply thankful to the IDRC Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar for awarding me a one-year master’s fellowship at the Asian Institute of Technology to study Gender Development Studies (GDS). This opportunity will help her achieve my goal of becoming a gender-focused researcher who will address critical social issues in my community. She believes that this fellowship will upgrade her existing skills and capacities, and advance her education and professional network in gender and development studies. She is committed to making the most of this opportunity to fulfill my aspirations and contribute to inclusive gender equality in my community.

Aye Eaindary Maung

August 2023 Intake

Aye is a dedicated feminist and aspired social change-maker who is passionate about promoting gender equality and social justice in her country. With a background in International Relations from the University of Yangon, she possesses over 5 years of experience in community development, focusing on gender equality, waste management, substance use prevention and youth empowerment. She also worked as a Gender Focal Point and Project Officer at a FinTech startup, driving financial inclusion in Myanmar.

Notably, Aye was chosen as a one-day Royal Norwegian Ambassador to Myanmar in 2019 as part of the Girls Get Equal Campaign, amplifying her passion on feminism. She has also received recognition for her articles advocating for feminism and women’s rights in Myanmar.   Her commitment to feminism began during her teenage years while volunteering, witnessing the detrimental impact of gender norms on individuals, particularly women and the LGBTQI+ community. This experience inspired her to advocate for gender awareness and challenge stereotypes in her community.

To further her advocacy initiatives in Myanmar, she decided to pursue her Master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies (GDS) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). She aims to leverage the knowledge and skills gained from the GDS Program to advance gender equality and contribute to pragmatic and intersectional policy-making in the country.

Sann Sann Nwe @ DuWun

August 2023 Intake

Sann Sann Nwe is a Training Program Associate at the Salween Institute for Public Policy. They hold a Diploma of Arts & Social Science from Dignity Myanmar and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from Yangon University of Education.  Passionate about driving positive change, they have completed various training programs, including LGBTIQ rights and gender training. Notable achievements include being nominated as a National Youth Gender Activist for the UN’s Generation Equality Campaign and leading workshops on sustainable development goals and ending gender-based violence as well as actively engaging in the prestigious YSEALI Academic Fellowship. With a commitment to inclusive education and good governance, they is poised to continue making a significant impact in the fields of public policy and social justice.

I chose to pursue Gender and Development Studies at the Asian Institute of Technology due to my unwavering passion for promoting gender equality and inclusive development in Myanmar. I believe that by gaining a deeper understanding of gender dynamics, social constructs, and intersectionality, I can effectively contribute to creating more equitable and empowering environments for all individuals.

Zin Win Htwe

August 2023 Intake

Zin Win Htwe worked in various NGOs, and development organizations for more than 10 years in different roles such as facilitator, coordinator, and technical advisor (gender focal) to promote girls’ empowerment and gender equality, youth development, sustainable aquaculture (Nutrition project) targeted at women, pregnant women, and children, furthermore, Skills for Employment program focusing on women and girls affected by conflict, helping them acquire the necessary skills for employment opportunities. Apart from my professional engagements, she has also volunteered as a member and trainer, contributing to the development of Muslim women and youth in religious and social groups.

Throughout my experiences in gender-related fields, she has nurtured a deep passion for becoming a gender expert. Moreover, I have witnessed gender inequality, gender-based violence, and traditionally rooted norms in communities and societies, therefore, these experiences make me realize the ongoing need for more skilled gender professionals who can effectively address the gender issues towards a gender-equal society.

Hence, I strongly believe that pursuing a Master of Gender and Development Studies of IDRC scholarship at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) would greatly enhance my ability and specific knowledge of the solid theoretical foundation and practical tools for tackling gender inequality and promoting the positive change for an equitable society and fostering sustainable development in my country.